File message being edited [Office]

Hello, I'm using version 2.2.4 (build 6408) for the client and version 9.0 for the server.
Clients are configured to synchronize hidden files without any exceptions (Pattern).
When I edit files with Libre Office it sends messages that a person already exists editing the file. However when I edit with MS Office, the alert is not generated. It only breeds conflicts when 2 or more people save the files.
I need to be alerted that the file is being edited the moment the file is opened, as with Libre. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

I think MS Office is using a different locking mechanism then Libre Office which has the "~" files which you sync, but you also could have corner cases in which this does not work.
Honestly, the only reliable way for this is checkin/checkout (which is not yet implemented in oC, but I think there was a community app starting this) and best: Online collaborative editing. We recommend Collabora Online, but OnlyOffice works nicely as well and we have integration with MS Office underway ...