File not detected created with CMD (Windows)

Hello everyone.

I have a big problem.

When I create a file with CMD, "windows owncloud sync" does not detect the new file. Why ?

Sorry for my English.

waiting to hear from you , thank you all

EDIT: Windows server 2003


you're not allowed to modify files via cmd on the server:


thank you for response, but I did not understand everything.

I "owncloud sync" installed on a windows server 2003. In the folder "c:\Dropbox\", when I made a right click, new document,"desktop owncloud sync" synchronizes the file very well.

But when I do a "echo xxx> test.txt" in the same directory ("c:\Dropbox\") "owncloud sync" do not see the file.

yet I am administrator on the machine.

And after your you did the echo command, the file exists and is there, but not synced? What if you edit it with an editor afterwards?