File Notification

The biggest issue that have is File locking/notification when someone else is viewing the file.
I have multiple work sites and file conflicting is starting to become an issue.
I am now getting requests to move back to Dropbox as Dropbox has this feature and we had no file conflicts. Which might I add, I am considering. Even given the cost of Dropbox.
We are about to expand into other states so I need to get this issued cleared up ASAP otherwise it's bye bye owncloud.


as it doesn't look like that feature requests are picked up / commented in here by the development team i would suggest to create this at

If I understand correctly, this is done rather manually in Dropbox, right? You have to lock a file and most likely people will forget to unlock? Or what is the use case you are looking for?
Generally I think that Collabora Online can solve most of this, can it?