File previews cause cpu choke




I've just setup OwnCloud 9 in an intranet, the server will not be accessible from the internet.

I need PSD previews, yes I know a vulnerability was recently discovered, this server will only be used on an intranet.

I've installed ImageMagick as well as the imagick php library and enabled file previews in the config file, the problem is as soon as I upload a PSD file, two apache threads hit 100% and stay that way for hours until I restart apache and no previews are created for the PSD file.

Any ideas?



if you're sure that you're running a recent version like 9.0.5 or 9.1.1 (please always include the full version you're using) report a new bug to:


Apologies, running version 9.1.1


Then please go for a bugreport. Marking this as solved as you got pointed to the direction where to report issues like this.


Mhh, seems they are aware of this issue:


Figured out the problem, this isn't an issue with OC. Turn's out I had ImageMagick 6.7 installed, default shipped with CentOS. Tried converting a PSD to PNG via command line and experienced the same issue.

Upgraded to ImageMagick7 using remi's repo and everything's working dandy now.