File refusing to synchronize


I have a file "Master.dat" that refuses to sync while I have no problem with thousands of others.

I think this is due to the .dat extension because if I change it by .pat, no more worries. And if I transfer directly via FTP, no problem with this .dat. I specify that this extension is not in the list of files to exclude.

If anyone at a track to solve this anomaly...

Hey, @JJacq thanks for your report! Do you happen to have access to the server logs? There should be a trace in there with helpful information to determine the root cause of the problem.

I've tried to reproduce with different .dat files without much success - do you have more info on the file to get closer to your scenario? (e.g. which application generated it, size... ). And which version of the sync client are you using?


In fact, I'm worried about some other files, with extensions .pdf and .exe. But given the many tests, it does not come extensions or filename.

  • I renamed a file that refuses to synchronize "panels.psd" (10MB) in panels1.psd, and there, it synchronizes. Except that if i make a modification on it, again, synchonization error:

13/03/2018 16:34:04, FCM / LFP Manager Packages 18 / Panels-pub-3d / Panels.psd, D: \ CloudJJ, The server replied "500 Internal Server Error" to "MOVE http: // "(ignored because of a previous error, new test in 12 hours)

Same tests done with a new .psd file, and no problem.

I have the same problem on 2 other workstations, and always for the same files.

Client version : Version 2.4.1 (build 9270)

Edit : I just did another test, with a new file 80MB .psd. Synchronization error. I did some more testing by gradually reducing the size, and finally, at 4.32 MB, it synchronized... At 10.3 MB, it does not sync anymore.

More tests: it turns out that all the big files, if I modify something, do not synchronize anymore ...

Nobody has (or had) this problem ?