File Sharing (Link) download issues



Hallo together,

I tried to share a large folder with 342 files (jpg) with a size of 2.1 GB. If I try to download it from the password protectet share, I download a zip file with 1 G. Sometimes with 300 MB somitemes with x MB. Evereytime I try to download it, the zip file has the wrong size and is broken.

I tried to figured out the isue, but there isn't a logfile, a php error or else.

Thanks for helping.


The templates for new issues are not for fun. Your post is missing important information:
- which system (OS, 32 or 64 bit)
- php version
- ownCloud version
- OS/Browser used on client side to download

If there isn't a logfile, you need to enable logging, change the loglevel or is there a logfile but it doesn't contain any information on this issue?