File sharing scenario - Limit sharing to groups


I was looking at file sharing admin for 10.0.10, however I have 10.1.0 install.

How do I limit users to only be able share with in their group assigned and only show those in their group when creating a share.

If this is set, will is stop sharing with guests or external people?

I wanted to setup our ownCloud to be used with some of our customers in additional to company, but I did not want everyone on the system to see everyone else since they are not related in anyway other than they do business with us.


I think you’ll need the following 2 options active (available in 10.0.10 so I guess they should also be available in 10.1)

  • Restrict users to only share with users in their groups
  • Restrict users to only share with groups they are member of

The first option filters the users and the second one the groups.

I’m not sure how guests are handled though.


Thank you. I’ll testing these setting. It would seem they should do what we are looking for.