File versioning over webdav rsync

owncloud:, debian buster


I’m using owncloud only as personal backup for my local nas. I’ve installed the “versions” app for versioning my files.

The sync from my nas is done by rsync to mounted webdav device (davfs). The sync is working fine, but it seems the versioning over webdav sync is not working :frowning:

Before it I’ve worked with seafile. There the versioning worked as expected.

Any suggestions how to fix it?

Many thanks Frank.

Believe it or not, ownCloud is not a backup solution. And file versioning only works reliable, when you upload files using WebDAV protocol. If you upload with rsync, you deliver content “under the hood”. Usually it will take some time, until ownCloud recognizes the changes. Thus, you shouldn’t do that.

Of course, you could run an

occ files:scan --all

afterwards, what might help, but this command is clearly for maintenance tasks and shouldn’t be used in a daily routine.

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