Filemtime(): stat failed failed after update 8.1.12


i have to update many Steps to last Owncloud Version, i have updated from 8.1.9 to 8.1.12.

Now the Log is flooded with:
Error: PHP: filemtime(): stat failed
{“reqId”:“xxxxxxxxx”,“remoteAddr”:“XXXXX”,“app”:“PHP”,“message”:“filemtime(): stat failed for XXXXXXXX/Hunde f\u00fcr Portale/ab 2019-05-13/OLIVIA born 1.3.2019/Olimpia und Olivia Text at /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/files/storage/local.php#166”,“level”:3,“time”:“2019-05-20T19:43:03+00:00”}

MAybe German Umlauts, "f\u00fcr " Any Tips?


from what i know all versions below ownCloud 10 are end-of-life and unsupported. I would try to upgrade to the latest version 10.2.0 to see if this is already solving your issue.

Hi, thanks.

i have circled the Erroor Message, the file dont Exists on HDD.

Now i try rescan.