Files App integration



Hello community!

I've implemented an oc app for transfering data between the cloud and an archive storage. At the moment the app has its own frontend which looks like the files app, but integrating the backend into the files app frontend like the external storage app appears to be a better solution, so the archives should be shown in regular files app view. I didn't really find a way to integrate it without doing many changes in the files app code.

Would you tell me if it's possible and if there's a way to register new storages to files app like registering an own section in personal settings?

Thanks in advance for your help


Not sure what you mean with "archive storage".

If you'd like to register a new section in the files' app sidebar, best is to check how the other bundled apps do it. For example the system tags filter in 9.1: see and There are more parts involved so I suggest you look at the "systemtags" app in general.


I think you want to integrate your app with the files_external one, so you can setup and access to your storage like the dropbox, google or SFTP implementations of the files_external app.

You can check how they're integrated checking their source code, although I'm not sure if you'll need a extra hook to load your app inside the files_external one.

So regarding to your question, it's possible to register your own storages in the files_external app and show them as normal files.