Files become totally out of sync when moving/renaming on MacOS with virtual file support enabled

We’ve been using virtual file support on the MacOS desktop client 2.11.1 and are continually hitting issues when moving or renaming files. If a file is not downloaded (not available locally - has .owncloud extension), moving on the local system doesn’t update ownCloud and files become totally out of sync with no remedy aside from going to the web interface and carefully making the exact same changes a second time. Same thing when renaming a file on the local system - ownCloud doesn’t get updated and files become totally out of sync. This is a major issue for us, particularly when we move entire file trees which are not locally available or when people rename files without realizing they’re not locally available. It’s an unacceptable workflow to have to go to the web every time files need to be moved or renamed. Any workaround or fix to this?

This a known limitation of the current “experimental” macOS and Linux implementations. File operations with local virtual files don’t get propagated.

Moving parent folders should work. Could you provide detailed steps to reproduce?

Moving parent folders works, but the problem come into play most when we’re grabbing files within a folder and moving them around to organize things. File operations such as moving and renaming with local virtual files is pretty critical since things go off the rails pretty fast (sync issues which are difficult to resolve) and there’s nothing to stop the user or communicate to them that they’re doing something that’s unsupported. Is there a timeline on when file operations on local virtual files would be propagated for MacOS?