Files corrupted service unavaliable




We had a problem with our owncloud instance 9.0.2. We reach our server size quota and some files couldnt be uploaded to server.
The server just created the folders but appear like files, i cant open or remove them (not option to remove on this files). If i click i get an error message "service unavaliable Request ID: ............"

How can i restore service?




please first update to the latest stable version of oC 9.0.x which is 9.0.4. Afterwards you can try to rescan your filesystem by using the occ files:scan command documented here:


I followed the steps you metioned and the problem is solved. I only scanned the directory with the problem with --path param. 5 minutes later the was solved.

Do you recommend update from 9.04 to 9.1?



If this is a productive system i would recommend to wait to at least 9.1.1 (released around the 20.09.) or even for 9.1.2.