Files duplicated

Actual behaviour
In a folder that was created prevously i upload a file. The file is displayed correctly. But when i reload the page, the file appears twice. One of the entries has in the column "Modified" "2 months ago".

Then i delete one of those files and it deleted both.

Then i rename the file an upload again to OC and it works correctly so i hope the problem is the name of the file.

Thank you for your help.

@aberaldo You need to give us the server version involved and the OS and versions of all involved desktop sync clients.
Also if you are using external storages or shared folders.

Basically, give us the info from the issue template :slight_smile:

Looks like an old bug, please upgrade to 9.0.9 or 9.1.5. If you are already on this version, please state which one.

Thanks for the reply. I have 9.1.4 (stable). Where i can see the list of fixes?



Same problem for me.
Version of Owncloud is 9.1.6 (stableà

@sbeu @aberaldo Are those duplicates in a shared folder?

Yes the files are in a shared folder.

Is the share icon also duplicated like in the screenshot above ?

If not, then it's a different issue. The issue I said was fixed a long time ago was with the doubled share icon.

If files appear duplicated even in the Webdav response, then see