Files get randomly blacklisted and cannot be opened/removed


Our company uses the desktop version of owncloud for file sharing and we keep getting “403 Forbidden” and “423 Locked” errors along with checksum errors, beacuse some files get randomly blacklisted. We tried removing the blacklisted files by looking in config.php but found no blacklisted array. We also found that some (not all) admins can access the files via the owncloud browser, but not owncloud desktop.

Are we just looking in the wrong places for the blacklisted files or is there a bigger issue at play here?

Any help on the matter would be much appreciated.

There is a known issue regarding checksums, with a potential fix being verified (Set checksum if not seeked by jvillafanez · Pull Request #40513 · owncloud/core · GitHub) . As far as I know, the desktop client can verify the checksums, but those could be wrong because the server sends wrong information.

I don’t know how the desktop client handles that situation, so maybe you can double-check if it fits your symptoms or not. Maybe the locked errors aren’t related.

Note that, in this case, the files are ok on the server. It’s just that the checksum calculation is wrong. An occ files:scan should clear the checksums giving a chance for the files to be downloaded again. You can try to reduce the scope of the command and target specific folders

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