Files lost by client



Hi !

I have some issue with owncloud client on windows 10. Looks like file were synced and then deleted... I do not know if it was a mistake of the user who accidentaly removed it or if the file really vanished from his computer (see log below).

I cannot find any log related to my lost file.xlxs even in trashbin on serveur side.... :cry:
The file was created the 4th or the 5th of august. Maybe it was simply cleaned by the serveur logic.

How to be sure ? I wanna know

Client configuration
Client version: 2.2.3
Client operating system: win10

Server configuration
Operating system: Debian 8 jessie
Web server: apache2
Database: mysql
PHP version: 5
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page):
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log):

Here is the SYNC in client logs :


And later :

Thx for any help.


Trash is cleaned from time to time (when not enough free space is left or after 30 days):

I'm not into the logfiles so much, 1470301869 is probably a unix timestamp (August 4th, 9h11). Do you still have the logfiles of the date when it was deleted?

@dragotin can you tell if the deletion instruction was initiated from the server or from the client?


Thx for your answer.

Do you still have the logfiles of the date when it was deleted?

I only have those 2 lines that i mentioned above in my client log.
I have absolutely no record server-side of file.xlsx, I search everywhere in log file in my server => nothin'.
I looked into all trash_bin in my server too => nothin'...


The file was deleted on the server and that deletion was propagated to the client. The Down in the log line indicates that it was synced down from server to client.

Maybe the file was in a share, and was deleted by the original owner? In that case, it will also be in his trashbin.

I hope you can find out... sorry for the trouble.


Hi ! thx for your reply.

I have another theory... I think my client worked the 4th and the 5th and was "prompted" by the "do you want to keep the local file" popup by the sync client when he started his computer (dunno if you see what i mean...).

Is there any way to find which answer he checked between "keep local files" and "keep server files" inside the client log file (or anywhere else) ?

Thanks !


The deletion was triggered from the server. If you don't keep the local file, it's only deleted on the client not on the server. So you could easily sync the folder again when you accidentally disabled it.

Only idea I have (if you have the webserver logfiles): Login to owncloud, delete a file and check the logfile of your server. Perhaps you can see a pattern for deleting files, then you could search for that in your old logs and you would at least get a client ip.