Files not showing up in web or Windows client after upgrade from

Hi all,

I’ve just done a manual upgrade from to the latest ( on a cPanel hosted server running AlmaLinux 8. I think(?) I’ve followed all the instructions, but when I take the upgraded version off maintenance, I can’t see any files at all when logging in to the web interface as an admin user, and the Windows client logging into my own personal account says that all the files have been deleted on the server and asking if I want to keep them or delete them. I’m assuming that if I keep them, they’d get re-uploaded again?

I’ve put it back on maintenance for now, but I’ve looked in the data folder on the server and as far as I can tell, all my files are actually still there => is there a way to (re)syncronise the DB with the actual data contents before I go and try to rollback to the previous version? I’m guessing occ files:scan or something similar, but I’m reluctant to try stuff without really knowing what I’m doing in case I make things worse!

There’s a load of errors in the log about mismatched chunks in some uploads folders, but I didn’t see any obvious errors about files which were already there, and no errors relating to anything in my personal folder.

Any advice gratefully received,

The config and data folders mustn’t be changed.

Other than tell you to read and check the ownCloud’s documentation on how to upgrade, you might provide the steps you’ve done to upgrade so maybe we can point what you did wrong.

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