Files versions, stop delete old versions

Perhaps disable writable old files in excess of 50% of free space?
Or versioning works only automatic?

It's working automatically (make sure the cronjobs run properly) but you have a few options you can change in your config/config.php:


     * File versions


     * These parameters control the Versions app.



     * If the versions app is enabled (default), this setting defines the policy

     * for when versions will be permanently deleted.

     * The app allows for two settings, a minimum time for version retention,

     * and a maximum time for version retention.

     * Minimum time is the number of days a version will be kept, after which it

     * may be deleted. Maximum time is the number of days at which it is guaranteed

     * to be deleted.

     * Both minimum and maximum times can be set together to explicitly define

     * version deletion. For migration purposes, this setting is installed

     * initially set to "auto", which is equivalent to the default setting in

     * ownCloud 8.1 and before.


     * Available values:


     * * ``auto``

     *     default setting. Automatically expire versions according to expire

     *     rules. Please refer to :doc:`../configuration_files/file_versioning` for

     *     more information.

     * * ``D, auto``

     *     keep versions at least for D days, apply expire rules to all versions

     *     that are older than D days

     * * ``auto, D``

     *     delete all versions that are older than D days automatically, delete

     *     other versions according to expire rules

     * * ``D1, D2``

     *     keep versions for at least D1 days and delete when exceeds D2 days

     * * ``disabled``

     *     versions auto clean disabled, versions will be kept forever


    'versions_retention_obligation' => 'auto',
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