Find users with email for sharing files

I am using owncloud v8.1.8. If I would like to share a file with a user then we have to find them via their username or groups. Can we restrict user finding to email address only what associated with their account? I don't want to expose username or first name to others.

If the username does not happen to be the mail address (you could disable auto-completion), there is no way to do that. Topic is moved to feature request.


disable auto-completion didn't work. Username, first last name or email address shouldn't come up as a possible option in the share dialog box for security purposes.

I just reported a similar problem (possibly the same?) Sorry. I should have searched the forum a bit better.

In my case however, it seem to only be share with link that's a problem. When you do "normal" sharing, as long as you've grouped users together that should be able to "see" each other, usernames are not suggested if the user is not in your group.

NOTE: The admin setting "Restrict users to only share with users in their groups" must be enabled/checked for this to work.

However, this good privacy feature is completely defeated when sharing with link. i.e. Any/All owncloud users will be auto-completed when sharing with link, exposing all the users (usernames and email addresses) on the system.

What should be done:

1). Completely disable auto-completion for share with link


2). Add a new admin option "Disable email auto-completion for share via link"


3). If admin option "Restrict users to only share with users in their groups" is checked/enabled, also restrict email auto-completion to users in your groups.

Hm, I am not sure I understand the request. Can you retry with the latest and greatest and make more clear what the desired outcome would look like?

The other issue in this thread is fixed with 9.1.4 ...