Folder attribution

Hi folks,
we would like to use owncloud as a client for our company’s NAS storage but we need to fix the problem with folder attribution. What we need is to see who has created a particular folder, uploaded or modified the particular file and ideally - when he/she did it. Is there any possibility to do that? I haven’t found any info about this in the settings.:unamused:
Here is an example: The folder TestDMAI was created by a user DMAI but in a shared folder of higher level created and shared by admin. However all the files in folder TestDMAI will be attributed by admin which is not true. We do need this transparency in order to backtrack the user activities. So how can we fix it?

We use the version 8.1
Thank you very much

As far as I understood, you can use activity app for your need:


Wow! thank you, looks like you got the point and that is exactly what I was looking for.
I will check it out and test with our version and let you know it worked out.
And thanks again for a quick and great help!

You are welcome, I hope it works.

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