Folder creation in Amazon S3 on Mac via owncloud


I setup owncloud 10.0.10 on a CentOS 7 machine for a friend of mine who uses Mac primarily. I also setup a S3 account and linked it to the owncloud successfully.

However, my friend reported that whenever he drag ‘n’ drops a folder with multiple, multi level sub folders in the S3 bucket, only the first folder in each level is created.The rest of the folders aren’t created.
I tried the same from my desktop running Windows 10 + FireFox and didn’t face any issue - all the sub folders were created just fine.

I checked the log and didn’t find anything suspicious. Anyone else had the same issue?

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Anyone else had this issue on a Mac?

It might be a problem in the browser. I think there are some sites where you can test folder uploads in order to discard problems with ownCloud.
An alternative could be using the desktop client for those uploads.

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Thanks… I’ve already identified this problem to be related to not just Mac but other browsers as well. This issue occurs especially only for empty folders. I’ve tested this across a wide range of browsers and found the same issue.

If it’s only for empty folders, this might be a browser limitation as it might skip those folders because there is nothing to be uploaded.

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I thought the same… Is there a way to report this to the Browser bigwigs?