Folder creation server side

The situation is that I would like to create new folder in the Owncloud data of some users. I can see them on the server side from cmd line, but I don’t see them on the Web UI interface.
I cann’t use the webinterface to do this because:
I did a script that copy some folder in the user directory when an USB stick is put in the raspberry.
So that I can let my Raspi without screen and still manage to update informations from the server to the user.
Is there any command or solution that the created folder will be visible on the Web UI?
Thanks for your answer

I don’t see what’s the problem. If you copy stuff to any owncloud file directory, you have to run occ files:scan afterwards, in order to make the files visible and recognized by owncloud.


Thank you, its exactly what I was searching for!


i have read the following about occ files:scan in the past but i’m not sure if the warning about it is still valid:

You just have to know what you’re doing. Give the files the right permission and ownership and it’s fine, IMHO.
You also need to be aware that while you run the files:scan you will have performance degradation. On simple instances that might not be a problem.
If it works for you, why not?

And I think more recently @jvillafanez hasn’t been as imperatively in regards to the data directory having to be treated as black box.

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Treating the data directory as a black box is a simple way to keep things working and save everyone a lot of headaches. There are some scenarios in which we could consider the approach of uploading directly into the data directory and then run a “files:scan”. However, if you check in the forums, most of the people using this workaround could just use the webDAV interface.

The problem is that people start assuming they can touch the files in the data directory and then start losing metadata.
If you think slowly, what other product would force you to scan the FS, either whole or a part of it, just because you want to create a folder? Am I the only one who think this is terrible?

Maybe the solution is to promote some simple webDAV clients that could be used as an easy alternative to curl.