Folder is not delete

Good afternoon.

The user tried to delete a folder. In the logs it says that the folder has been deleted. When I delete it again, it says that the folder cannot be deleted. When renaming, it also says that the folder cannot be renamed. And in fact it is also displayed in his web browser. Logged in via SSH and in this user deleted the folder from the directory. She also remained hanging in the browser.
As far as I understand, it is stuck somewhere in the bowels of SQL. Help clean up the tails.

Version ownCloud 10.0.7 (stable)

Thank you.


i think this is a heavily outdated version of ownCloud (it seems this is even the initial version of ownCloud 10 released on 2017-04-26).

Maybe you could try to update to the most recent version 10.13.0 to see if such problems have been solved / fixed in the last 6+ years of ownCloud updates.

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