Force unlink windows sync client

Hi guys,
I used the latest ownCloud server and sync client on my PC.
I used sync client on one PC, to which I no longer have access and I decided to remove all files in my ownCloud folder which should erase them everywhere, on any computer and then just change my passwords and tokens and bring back files.
So far, so good, but I didn’t predict that stupid question who asks everyone desktop sync client “are you sure you want to delete all files”?
Can I do something about it, can I delete it somehow? Can I generate the same token so that it can re-sync the files (which I diligently delete one by one)?

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, I have no problems with the client.
The problem I ran into that when you delete all the content from cloud, client instead of syncing it (and just delete them) earns a message “Are you sure” and gives you the choice to save the files, which was the problem for me.
I do not have access to this computer, I have changed my passwords as well, but I am worried that my files may be on this computer after some incorrect people have chosen “keep files”…