Forgot my account pwd, no pwd reset email...?

own cloud doesn’t appear to be sending pwd reset emails from my domain.
Can’t remember my own password so can’t configure the service - but desktop version working.

Any other ways to access password reset?

(I notice the advice on this page to do this via Linux… I’m a Mac user so have Terminal, but a novice… could some extra info be put on the page so I can just copy and paste into terminal?)


maybe the existing documentation on how to reset a password is helping you?

Yes and no.

I have sorted it now, but not being much of a technical person I had to ask a local friendly developer to help me.

I needed to be able to SSH to my web server, which meant creating an RSA key and a whole load of stuff in Terminal. I realise knowing how to do this is slightly out of scope of owncloud’s docs but it would make owncloud more accessible to mere mortals if pointers were included.