Forgotten Database Password

Good Morning:

I'm running ownCloud on Ubuntu 16.04 and am trying to do a backup of the database, but my documentation from when I built this server must be horrible, because every password I try does not work. If I were to reset the password, will this break my ownCloud configuration? Is there a proper way to reset this?

The database password lives in clear text in your config.php

I see the dbpassword entry in the config.php, but it's a long password of a bunch of characters that I would not have used.

I assume this is mysql.

We generate a user and password during setup which will be used between owncloud and your database.

  1. you can run what ever password recovery on our other account

  2. maybe you can use the generated account to recover your other account

give it a try.

Ok, I guess I'm a little confused, the dbuser is the username I gave it on the setup but the password is not. And you're correct, it's MySQL. I'll just reset the other userid that I have set up in the database.

Side question, if I upgrade from to 10.0.6, am I going to need this password after the upgrade?