Forgotten Password Link

Can the forgotten password link be better on the front page as a lot of my users don't realize its a link but also have the link there always so users can click without having to type a wrong password.

As feature requests are not picked up by the ownCloud developers in here its strongly suggested to post them directly to where it is more likely that they get noticed / picked up.

I suggest to make a custom theme for this. It is possible to distribute those through the new marketplace. However I would strongly encourage you to ask your users to remember the passwords = use a password manager etc.
(I do pick up interesting features from here occasionally but this one I would not implement - other then through a config.php option and kind of think a custom theme makes more sense for it.

Ok, thanks for this info. But IMHO the feature request category is not really useful as it mostly won't get noticed or get comments if something is picked up.

Furthermore its hard to track if any progress is made for a specific feature request. Github has way better possibilities for this like references to pull requests and automatically closing of feature requests if something get implemented.

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