Fork NextCloud appstore?

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  • No


The old appstore on is proprietary, single user-maintained and has shown quite a lot of issues

Currently NextCloud is developing a new appstore where it could make sense to fork it and use it as a appstore for ownCloud:

The appstore itself is live as a beta here:

Good idea. The new appstore is planned for NC 11 (, the sister release of OC 9.2.

Didn't i read the statement that oc/nc think about one combined store?
Makes more sence compared to publish every app twice

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Ah, good point:

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Not sure if forking, but if themeing is possible it would at least be possible to deploy an app store on the OC server.

Publishing apps twice might be an issue though.

Issues are something to be expected from the very moment of NeXTcloud birth.

OK to theme/fork, only if license allows it, of course.

I totally agree and I think we should address this with highest priority. A new and open source app store is needed.

AFAIK there have been no negotiations on this topic, allthough devs of both parties have agreed to stay compatible for the nearer future.
Keeping API's stable is needed and should have highest priority.

Imho one combined app store would create a bunch of issues with responsibilities, licenses, hurt personalities and such....

The old Appstore is not what we want. The next step now should be to collect our requirements on an Appstore.
Forking is quick and easy, but we will also box us into the given boundaries and design decisions.
I really would love to make this much better. And I would really like to know your ideas on a new Appstore.


I would love a Donate button where users can donate an amount to the devs that wrote an app.


In owncloud, you have bountysource to put some money on topics. The new appstore is developed by nextcloud, so p+ask them, if they already have a way to contribute money.

IMO the bountysource is to complicated.

The new ownCloud app platform should have ways for Developers to earn money easily.

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It's great to support a specific topic you are interested. could be an option (they charge 10%).

I agree, bountysource is perfect for specific development issues.

Flatter would be awesome, a paypal donation button, would be cool, too.

@felixboehm I am not sure if you understood, but the NextCloud app store is not based on the current ownCloud one, but a complete re-design based on python.

Just read:

Will this be integrated in the current appstore?

The ownCloud marketplace will support various license models (...) (developers) they will also be at liberty to charge for maintenance and support, or even offer their software as a subscription with a commercial license.

Commercial licenses in apps will only be possible for the enterprise customers?

No, the current appstore is a complete mess and needs a complete rework. The marketplace will not be based on this.

No. Think of the marketplace like the wordpress or joomla plugin stores. It is your decision if you want to apply commercial licenses for the apps you develop. No matter if the ownCloud core is commercially licensed or not.

But the marketplace makes these apps available outside your organisation, that should be only possible with the Enterprise subscription:

My Apologies, i made a mistake in the wording.

Agreed, and ownCloud will have to figure out a way of delivering a opt in or opt out for commercial use of ownCloud.

I am pretty sure there is a convenient way to give a commercial license without charging for it.

Other than that do you have any suggestions or recommendation for the app store.
Stuff you would like to have integrated?
Me, personally would love to see containers.
I currently think that there is a way to provide commercially licensed apps through the ownCloud marketplace to AGPLv3 versions of ownCloud. As long as those apps are only modifications of "core" of course and not of other apps.

Your link to the FAQ is correct, but with the marketplace we will be able to allow that. If developers and users want it, of course. Really see this as a choice and both models make a lot of sense for me.

And I would really like to know your ideas on a new Appstore.

Not directly an idea but if a new appstore is implemented consider to not provide something like the knowledge base or comment system like in the old appstore.

This is currently heavily misused for support questions and bugreports. We don't need an additional communication channel besides all the active ones.