FreeNas: 404 - Not Found... (site unsafe) :O



Dear All,

good morning!
I am new to the forum and to ownCloud.

At my University, I have a FreeNas large storage, that I want to make accessible to my whole Group.
This “server” has a fixed IP address, accessible from outside, that the University provided me.

I have setup a own cloud jail in FreeNas, following the instructions in the video

Of course, it doesn’t work.

Please, I have the following questions:

  1. the jail that I set up should have the same address as my FreeNas server to be accessible from outside? By default, it proposes a different IP address (only the last number changes, the other 3 numbers are the same: is it correct?).
  2. I use the plain cgi configuration, instead of the fast cgi: is it right?
  3. I follow the instructions for the php inclusion in /usr/local/etc/lighttpd/conf.d, I open Safari and put the IP address I have used for the jail, but at the end I receive the message
    “404 - Not found” and Safari specifies “the site is unsafe”
    If I use https is the same, and if I put /owncloud or /“the_jail_name” after the IP address (both with http and https), I obtain the very same message…

What can I do?

Please, help me.
Thanks truly much in advance and my very best regards