FreeNas 9.10 Setup Owncloud remote access

I have the latest version of freeNas and I installed the plugin owncloud. Everything works locally. When I use the address I can access owncloud. BUT how do I connect to owncloud from outside my network. I have my public IP. I am just stuck on connecting to the server remotely. I have tried port forwarding to the internal ip address but the ports are never open. Any help is appreciated, I have been banging my head here for a few days now.


as this is nothing ownCloud specific (ownCloud is just a web application written in PHP and served by your webserver) it will be quite hard to help here with such off-topic questions about networking issues.

Nevertheless a few quick hints:

  1. You need to have a correct port forwarding setup to webserver port ownCloud is served (see e.g.
  2. Tools like traceroute, nmap and similar networking tools might help you to debug this
  3. There are further online tools which might also help you with this task
  4. Check firewall related things on your server (e.g. only allowing access from your local network)

Thanks for the help ill give it a shot.