Fresh 10.5 Installation showing "Upgrade to ownCloud Enterprise" floating window

Hi Fellows,

We have done a fresh 10.5 Installation and it is constantly showing the “Upgrade to ownCloud Enterprise” floating window.

We are not planning to use the Enterprise versión and don’t see any application activated which could cause that message.

The list of activates appications are:

Admin Config Report 0.2.0
Deleted files 0.9.1
Federation 0.1.0
Provisioning API 0.5.0
Share Files 0.13.0
Update notification 0.2.1
Versions 1.3.0
Activity 2.5.4
Announcement Center 1.2.1
Bookmarks 0.10.6
Calendar 1.6.4
Collaborative tags 0.3.0
Collaborative Tags Management 0.4.1
Comments 0.3.0
Contacts 1.5.5
Custom Groups 0.6.0
Diagnostics 0.1.4
External Storage: FTP 0.2.1
Extract 1.2.4
Files clipboard 1.0.2
First run wizard 1.2.0
Guests 0.9.0
Impersonate 0.5.0
Mail Template Editor 0.4.0
Market 0.6.0
Media Viewer 1.0.3
Notifications 0.5.2
PDF Viewer 0.11.2
Tasks 0.9.7
Text Editor 2.3.0

Could you please tell us What is causing that constant floating window??

Thanks in advance for your very appreciated support on this matter.



The app causing the issue was: Collaborative tags 0.3.0 which is OCL-licensed

Thanks … :wink:

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