Fresh Installation errors

I have this error
/dev/urandom is not readable by PHP which is highly discouraged for security reasons. Further information can be found in our documentation.

I have set up a Google Cloud server with an installation of Debian and VestaCP to handle the web and the Let's Encrypt certificate
I used the PHP installation script
I have sorted HSTS and redirect http to https errors in the .htaccess file

This is one of the last 2 errors I am trying to sort

I have looked in the documentation... but the php.ini file has open_basedir commented out with a ; and so it is not in use
I have tried putting it in use with the line suggested but nothing changes... although not sure I have typed it correctly
All back to original state of the open_basedir not being used

I'd love some advice on this if anyone has any

Also the VM has only 1 domain allocated to it... so it will be for one organisation only.... and is a root installation so going there takes you straight to the OC login in page (no subfolders)



open_basedir is just one of many things which could cause this. Stuff like SELInux or just wrong linux/unix permissions are a few other examples.


Yes that is what I wrote in the question.. as the documentation states that

however I also wrote that

in the php.ini and .user.ini file "open_basedir" is not used... it is commented out with the ";" so that shouldn't be the problem and I have tried using it... but does nothing

As for permissions on the folder... ok? what permissions? what folder? how do I set these? there is no walkthrough guide on this!!

I have also stated I am using Debian for the Linux OS and VestaCP for the webcontrol panel


Answering such questions within the documentation of ownCloud is not possible. One system might need permissions where another systems needs completely different permissions / access rights.

Solving this issue needs basic linux knowledge of the admin maintaining the ownCloud installation.

Generic hints are available in [1]. To solve this issue the user running your webserver needs access and read permissions to the /dev/urandom special device.