FTP setup via owncloud

If I want to set up ftp via owncloud , do I need to install ftp server on owncloud ?
Now , I didn’t install ftp server on owncloud and anywhere , I just installed external storage ftp on market . Later , I enable external storage and I choose ftp(Fly) and do config .
But an error occured .
When I do sftp , it is okay .

I already find in many resource but i cannot solve this problem .
Please help me !!
I really need your help .
Thanks in advanced .

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubunut 20

**Web server: Apache


**PHP version: 7.4.3

**ownCloud version:10.10.0(stable)

**Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install

I don’t think that you need to install ftp server on owncloud instance. However, I am facing issue with ftp configuration as well and raised a question earlier today and waiting for someone to reply.

how about samba ??
Did you try ?
Anyway,thanks for your comment.

No, I couldn’t find that how to configure Samba.

I have now tried to install NextCloud and tried the FTP configuration and it worked straight away with no issues. I can see in FTP log that Nextcloud is passing different commands as compared to OwnCloud. I think I am going to move to NextCloud. If you are vested in Owncloud, you may wanna have a look at the code and make some changes to owncloud code. I will try that in free time.

Really,I will try nextcloud .
Thanks for your support .

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