Full quota not shown in 9.1.3

Previously I had quotas set to unlimited due to issues with shared folders.
With an update to 9.1.3 I decided to set Quotas for the users to control their usage and allow better automated management of deleted files and version control and am getting conflicting information.

User quota set to 20GB by admin.
On user web interface personal page on web interface you are using 4.4GB of 5.9GB, looking at files via the web interface a rough total gives me about 4.5gb in use, there is also about 1.5gb of external ftp storage, set up by admin to which the user has access.

Why is the limit showing as 5.9GB - and not 20GB?

Similar issue for another user who has a 50GB limit set by admin, but is showing 11.9GB out of 13.4GB on their personal page.

Overnight the numbers have changed, with no changes in the user limits, and no recent activity.

Now says 4.4GB out of 8.8GB and
11.9GB out of 16.3GB for the 2nd user.

What about your hard-disk limits: df -h ?

Perfect answer - free space is 4,4GB, which is the difference between usage and limit reported for both users.

Just in case it helps anyone else.

Most of the free space was being used by a single user - they had 50GB of deleted files in the trashbin. I had lowered their quota from unlimited to 5GB but the deleted files app had not triggered because they had not deleted any files since the quota was reduced.

I manually deleted a single file from her account, this triggered the cleanup, and recovered the hard disk space.