Future of app development "Infinite Scale" (Go vs PHP)


I’m trying to get a littlebit into developing sever apps for ownCloud (maybe a littebit more depending on the time I can spare). I don’t have a PHP background (my domains at the moment are Java, Python, JavaScript) and actually I’m not to eager getting into PHP from what I’ve seen so far. That’s why I read the announcement of ownCloud Infinit Scale with great interest. However there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to develop apps for “Infinite Scale” all documentation (at least the one I found) is still for PHP.

Thus my question: Does it make sense to get into PHP, given apps will be developed in Go in the future (is this actually correct?)? And is “this future” more like “around the next corner” or “hard to spot at the horizon” without certainty to ever get there?


I agree currently the docs are quite sparse. There are a couple documentation issues in the ocis issue tracker on Github

I think that OCIS is not far away from beta testing. I’ve also heard about ideas on how to get future OCIS apps working with ownCloud 10, but there are no docs for this yet either.

The future definitely is based on go, and we’re definitely getting more and more towards “around the next corner”.

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Thanks Erik.

Are there however stock applications that could serve as template to start Go app development? Basically I need an example of a REST-API, file access and of course the overall structure to get started…

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You could have a look at ocis-hello: https://github.com/owncloud/ocis-hello