Gallery App. problem with gallery.cnf

I have OС 10.0.10 and Gallery 16.1.0
I’m in trouble. As soon as I add the gallery.cnf file to the folder with images, I cannot get into it through the gallery.
The file was created UTF8. Even an empty file, without settings leads to a problem with the display of images

“message”:“Exception: {“Exception”:“Error”,“Message”:“Class ‘Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser’ not found”,“Code”:0,“Trace”:”#0 /var/www/html/owncloud/apps/gallery/config/configparser.php(71): OCA\Gallery\Config\ConfigParser->parseConfig(Object(OC\Files\Node\Folder), ‘gallery.cnf’)

I found the previous post with a similar error.
However, that the new version of the OC did not fix the problem.


it looks to me that this was already discussed in the existing thread below: