Gallery no longer available in 10.2+

After upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2, we have lost the gallery application, who is no longer compatible. It is replace by the media viewer application, which has nice new featurers, bat is lacking a VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE of the gallery application, the gallery view. It was so nice and usefult to view a lot of pictures as rectangular thumbs, very practical to choose a picture in a folder.
Very sad and very annoying to miss this feature.


if i’m understanding this text about the gallery app correctly:

then you can still use the older gallery app in newer ownCloud versions and if i’m understanding this issue correctly the ownCloud team already plans to bring this currently not provided functionality to the media viewer application:

I did try to install the old gallery app in owncloud 10.2
but I got an error message on activating it saying that
it is no longer compatible (needs owncloud 10.1 or less)


could it be possible that you are using an outdated version of the gallery app (below 16.1.1) not matching the one available in the marketplace linked in the documentation above?

It seems only the older version 16.1.0 has this upper limit of 10.1.

Thanks a lot for your answer !
I indeed had the outdated version 16.1.0
The xml file indicates :

I found and installed the version 16.1.1,
and it works
Nevertheless, it is incompatible with the Media Viewer app
(that is, I have to deactivate the Media viewer, otherwise the gallery app does not
display any picture.

So I think we have just to wait until the media viewer gets the proper improvement…



it looks to me that this is known and documented in the latest ownCloud release notes available / previously posted:

If i’m understanding the documentation correctly the ownCloud team has chosen to keep the gallery app available for other users like you missing some functionality of the gallery app in the new media viewer app. I think it doesn’t make sense to have both apps and you probably need to make a choice which app is better fitting your use case.