Gaming on owncloud


i was just wondering if it is possible to upload/implement a game on our private cloud created using owncloud?
thank you


Yes, you can implement a game as an ownCloud app. As an example, I remember, @cdamken’s cloud has a ping-pong game.:grinning:


Also, I notice that there is a section for games in the marketplace: But, unfortunately, there is no game yet.


It’s the old pong, I can give it to you and you can create a better version, that was for version 7


Let’s do it. I found the app:, I will adapt it to oc10 and release in the marketplace when I have free time :sunglasses:


Let me know when you have a newer version, I will glad to test it :wink:


Gaming on ownCloud only makes sense if the game is really integrated with the platform: use the database and users / groups. In the end ownCloud would mostly be for user management and database. And maybe some files for storing scores or saves…


@PVince81 well, it will be more challenge if we have a multiplayer option for exampl in pong that 2 players can play and you have a record (in the DB) that says the ranking from all users that are in the group of games.

It’s really a nice way to liberate the stress from the work, but IMHO, I prefer a really stable file-sync_&_share platform where my files are correct stored, and I can reach overall.


A possible game idea would be “pass the file along” where people have a chain of shared folders, user1->user2 user2->user3, etc. then user1 puts a file in the folder. user2 grabs it and moves it out of the first share into the second one. etc. until it reaches the end, as fast as possible. Maybe not that fun game though.


Another idea for multiplayer would be turn based games like connect four or chess.