General questions


Debating on offering ownCloud to my boss as a possible solution for a document storage company (DSC), but I have a few questions that I would like to know the answers to before doing so.

  1. I saw it was $3600 for up to 50 users, can I use something like AWS Lightsail (Windows version) and make each DSC client their own lightsail with the same ownCloud account? basically multiple server installs using the same license.

  2. If I cant do #1, when I share the folders with different users, do they see all possible folders, but only have access to 1, or do they only see the ones that they have been given permission to? Bob only sees Bob’s data and Joe only sees Joe’s data

  3. A buddy said you might be able to rebrand it, didn’t know if that was a thing or not.

  4. Does each user who uses a website to log in and get their data, is it the same website or is it a different website per user?

  1. Better contact with sales as they can help you better with this. I can say that ownCloud runs on linux, so you’ll need a linux VM if you want to run on a windows host. I guess high availability setups (with multiple servers) should be convered by the license, completely separated servers probably not. As said, contact with sales for this.
  2. Each user will have their own private space. They can share the files or folder they want with other users or via link.
  3. You can rebrand your instance on your own. Some entreprise customers have access to ownBrander as a tool, so you can do it on your own, but made it really easy as well as with support in case you need it. You can check the details on the web page.
  4. All users will follow the same flow. Whether the authentication is done using basic auth against ownCloud or via using an idp, that’s part of the configuration of the server (and the apps that you have setup).

I think the best is that you try the ownCloud’s community edition for free and check if the basics works for you. You can also start an enterprise trial from the marketplace if you want to try some of the enterprise apps.