Get Username and Password of New User



Hai everyone.

I want to make a file share using Owncloud and Samba server. It will use same directory for both application. There are about 150 people (so there will be 150 account in it) will use this file share and every people has their own directory. For the first time the server running, only 10 account will be added, and I will add the other if someone need the file share. Owncloud make this scenario looks easy. But I need to setup new samba configuration every time a new user added. Is there any way to catch a new username and password when Owncloud admin add new account? If it possible, I will create a bash script to automatically reconfigure samba configuration.


There is no possibility to get the username and password during the creation of a user via the WebGUI. However you can use the Provisioning API like described here to create users:

which could be called by curl within this bash script.


Oh God, I forget that way.. Thank a lot @RealRancor