Getting .htaccess wrong version error after restoring backup

I recently had to rebuild my file server and after restoring owncloud files, I am challenged with a "Start update" to version 8.1.12 box. When I click the "start update" button, I get an error:

Exception: .htaccess file has the wrong version. Please upload the correct version. Maybe you forgot to replace it after updating?

It looks to me as if the files I restored were from 8.1.12. As far as I know, Owncloud was up-to-date when the last backups ran. I have good backups as far back as March 3 of this year. It appears that I have restored files for version 8.1.12. I'm not sure why I'm getting this error, but more to the point, how do I overcome it and get Owncloud back online?

I really appreciate any help I can get with this. Thanks.


You can find old versions here: