Getting 'Internal Server Error' while installing owncloud 10.10.0

This is a new build, I am trying to move our dev VM to bare metal, and while at it, I’d like to install the latest version of owncloud for future-proofing. I am currently trying to install ‘ownCloud 10.10.0’
Current packages installed:
PHP 7.4.6
MariaDB 10.8.4
I already double-checked all the configs of my PHP and Nginx. The problem I am having is each time I try to install the GUI setup for owncloud, after inputting all the information about admin user/ownclouduser/db_name, etc I am displayed ’ Internal Server Error

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You!

You shouldn’t omit the issue template for this category. It would allow potential helpers, not asking each detail separately.

Have a look at your log file, owncloud.log.

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