Getting to know External Storage - Google Drive Common folder & no quota


I’m running OC 10.1.04 and wanted to see how the external storage setup worked google drive. Its the only external storage I could get to work. I tried S3 and OpenStack. Neither S3 or OpenStack would work.

With that said I was looking at Google Drive to extend storage space on the OC server. I mounted my Google drive, let it open for all users to access and dropped files into the google drive about 530MB worth.

Interesting things,

  1. The google drive did not act as a extension of the users private folder, but rather a common folder for all users on the platform. Meaning, I would have thought while all users can access the external drive, it would have treated folders and files as private unless shared. That is not the case on my OC install. All files and folders created are accessible to either all users or any group the External Storage is assigned to.

  2. It does not appear that the user quota takes in to account the data stored on the External Storage. I have a user with a 100MB quota. The External Storage has 530MB of files on it. The user was only prompted with an upload error when the local files storage reached the quota limit of 100MB. I would have thought that the External Storage data count (530MB) would have been part of the user quota. However, the user could still upload files and upload hundreds of megabytes to the External Storage without the quote limit being triggered.

  3. one more oddity. Files deleted from the External Storage Google Drive do not land in the trash. They seem to be remove immediately with no recovery point. It does put folders in the trash though.

Just sharing. I could not find anything on this behaviour with a google search.

I’ll experiment more. If this is unique to my system and not normal behaviour let me know.

  • Mike

Interesting points.

I’ve never seen the ability to connect external storage as an extension feature.
It’s main purpose is to access it directly from within owncloud. Due to this, its obvious that this external content is outside of a users quota. And of course, there is also no trash storage and (I assume) no versioning.


It seems to treat extended storage like a share with upload/download prvilleges.

I don’t think shares are included in quota’s either.

  • Mike