Giving (webdav) access with a short-lived token?


Is there a way to give out (webdav) access with a short-lived token?
All I found about this is
php - ownCloud sharing files with short term token or similar? - Stack Overflow which is a start but still would not allow us to link this to an issuer of access tokens such as an external auth server.

We’re about to start developing something like this, so I wanted to ask before reinventing the wheel :slight_smile:

Is that for Infinte Scale or ownCloud 10?

What is your use case in detail?

In ownCloud 10 could something like this work for you:
Create a public link share with expiry date, and call that via WebDAV

Or what do you want to achieve with the short-lived token?

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I was thinking mostly of ownCloud 10.
My motivation came from Re: [OAUTH-WG] Refresh tokens really. So setting an expiry and then letting the auth server update the share each time the short-lived token is refreshed could be a good start, yeah. But I think there may also be more sophisticated ways, if the short-lived token is some sort of JWT for instance, that proves possession of the refresh token.

I’ll try to find out if the access token produced by Authorize access to your data with OAuth2 – ownCloud is refreshable.

Thanks for your help so far! <3

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