Gnome 45 owncloud desktop client 45 linux integration

Just updated my Linux arch based and got the new shining gnome 45, and I see that the desktop integration of the ownCloud client is no more working with nautilus.
Anyone else got the problem?
When there will be a new release?

Some additional steps necessary:

this was working just before updating so i assume something has changed in gnome 45 and need to be fixed?

Could you provide more details?

  • What distro?
  • What version?
  • Exact steps you performed?
  • Screenshots?

garuda linux (arch based)
version: not applicable is a rolling distro
just updated the packages

python-nautilus package (requirement) is installed as the others required

How did you install the ownCloud client and its shell integration packages? We usually cannot provide support for third-party packaging, so you may want to try the plugin from its repository at GitHub - owncloud/client-desktop-shell-integration-nautilus: 🖥️🐚.

i install it just with

pacman -S owncloud-client python-nautilus

These are distribution-managed packages. Please contact the maintainer. They are responsible for the GNOME integration.

does the integration work the same with gnome 45?

We have not changed anything, but we do not run tests against cutting edge GNOME versions either all the time. Your maintainer might know.

does the owncloud integration with nautilus works with the new ubuntu version 23.10 that is going to be released with gnome 45?

Once it is released, we are going to test it as part of our preparations for the upcoming 5.1.0 or 6.0.0 release. Then, I can tell you.

ok i restored a 10 days old version of my linux vm i noticed that the problem as arise when thw owncloud linux client was upgraded from version 4.2 to 5.0, does something changes for gnome integration in that case?

Client 5.0 has dropped support of the libcloudproviders. We were not expecting negative impact tbh. but that might have an influence.

A confirmation of how GNOME is utilizing libcloudproviders and if this problem might be caused from that would be appreciated from any GNOME user or dev.

Before we come to random conclusions:
What kind of integration are you talking about?
Overlay icons?
Context menu?
Sidebar entry?
Something else?

The first 3 appear to work in fedora 38

I could imagine that under certain conditions Fix possible crash when starting shell integration by erikjv · Pull Request #11288 · owncloud/client · GitHub could also lead to a non working shell extension.

so, i have tested again with version 4.2.0 it works the integration with gnome 45, version 5.0 owncloud client is not working the integration.
by integration i mean:

  • Overlay icons
  • Context menu
  • Sidebar entry

in arch python-nautilus package is a requirement for the integration.

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