Got a strange notification today from Android client

Actual behaviour

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    The specified file is not shown in the notification

Expected behaviour

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    The specified file should be shown in the notification

Steps to reproduce

Can this problem be reproduced with the official owncloud server?
(url:, user: test, password: test)

Environment data

Android version:

Device model:

Stock or customized system:
stock Oreo 8.1
ownCloud app version:
ownCloud server version:


Web server error log

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ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

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I agree would be nice to know which file is having a conflict. But perhaps that would be something for the Github Issue tracker. Looking in there I found the following issue, perhaps that helps you a little(?)

not really, this issue was opened
about 4 years ago and tgen closed as solved.
But it seems that there is still some work to do. Testing, debbuging seems difficult.

Hi @pannonium , thanks for reporting this. I have a couple of questions to know more about the issue you are facing

  1. Which version of the ownCloud Android App are you using?
  2. Are you using available offline files?
  3. Were you using the app when the dialog included in your screenshot appeared or were you using other app and suddenly appeared, i.e. the ownCloud app was in background?

We improved the way to solve conflicts between local and remote files in 2.9.0 and when the ownCloud Android app detects a conflict in background, a new notification with the name of the file appears.


  1. I’m on the latest version 2.10.1
  2. yes
  3. Cannot say for sure. might be possible that the app was open in background.

I was already noticing a problem with confilicts a couple of days ago where 6 files were in question. Didn’t mention the files in the notification area, only ‘6 files’. I opened the App but couldn’t find the files in question. I ignored and the problem disappeared.