Grab downloads of old clients


Where can I find downloads of the old clients? I saw a post from March ( saying they were going to be reintroduced to the download site. But right now all the links are still broken.

Would prefer installers, and not source code that require compiling.



Do you mean that you can't get the older client version downloaded from this site :


Unfortunately no. All versions older than 2.2.4 have broken links (for the Windows link anyway).


While we should fix this: Why would you want to run an older version on Windows then the newest?


Quoting the post in

We are working to bring old versions back to the changelog (as they're also important for troubleshooting)


some of the old ones are lurking here:


hodyroff, we use an older version of the ownCloud server. The newer clients give a prompt telling users that the ownCloud server is out of date.

alfageme, I read that post during my searches. It's 7 months old which is why I asked again.

jnweiger, thanks for that link but it seems to be broken (for me at least) :confused:


Below 8.2 is EOL and should be upgraded ASAP. Which version are you looking for?
Indeed the link is broken :frowning: ok, lets see which version you need ...


Link updated. but there are no servers there, this was a link for old clients.

For old servers you can try


I don't think that it is a good idea to ignore this warning and downgrade all clients to an unsupported and buggy old version instead of doing the only sane thing and upgrade the server to a more recent and still supported one.

Besides a lot of bugfixes for both, the server and the clients you probably also won't run an old version of the server with known security vulnerabilities.