Group Sharing Problems

Steps to reproduce

  1. Share folder with group

Expected behaviour

When sharing a file or folder with a Custom Group, everything works properly and the users of the Custom Groups can see the folders or files. When i am sharing a folder or file with a regular group (which is coming in from openldap) the users can not see the files or folders.

Actual behaviour

Users do not see the files

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04

Web server: Apache

Database: MYSQL

PHP version: 7

ownCloud version: 10.0.4

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:

Where did you install ownCloud from:

I don't think the other system settings are relevant - my assumption is that this is maybe an issue with ldap? The server connects and users can log in and also see that they are members of the specific groups - the only problem is that when you select one of these groups to share to nothing happens!


Can you share your LDAP server configuration in ownCloud?

For example, but not only, has your LDAP server member of support?

If not you would have to adjust the mapping. Eventually you have to work with GUID.

i can get that for you Monday when i'm back in the office (this set-up is a demo and only on the local network at the moment).

I changed the Group-Member association option from uniqueMember to memberUid which resulted in the correct groups being listed next to the appropriate user under Users.

So users are authenticating through ldap, groups are populating through ldap with the users, but even though the groups are showing up they don't seem to do anything.

ok - back in the office now. Please let me know what information would be helpful here. To reiterate, each user shows that they are members of the correct groups under user settings. Groups also work fine when i am using custom groups within owncloud or when i create a group manually. The issue is with groups which are coming from LDAP. The names are showing up, the users are connected to the groups, but there doesn't seem to actually be a group..


since the issue seems to be with the LDAP integration in ownCloud, I would like to see how you configured your LDAP server in the ownCloud settings.
Just go to the user authentications and share your configuration.

Ok - please see below for all settings on my demo servers. Please let me know what you think when you have a chance.. This system doesn't make it easy to upload images or attachments or links so hopefully you can get all of the screen shots from the links in the pastebin below.

do you have an active directory or open ldap?

i am using open ldap

Okay, I would change the Internal User Name Attribute to have your users identified uniquely.

But apart from that, I can't spot a mistake in your configuration.

eventually I would choose another attribute for UUID Attribute for Groups.

yea its odd - the users are listed with their group so the association is occurring. Nothing seems wrong..

hi, could you try to update the user_ldap_app to - 0.10.0 user_ldap_app

Are you sure that the group member association is memberUID? can you try something else?

Have you tried the occ command ldap group updates?

user_ldap_app is current version

I have to assume that memberUID is correct since all of the groups are in fact coming up, and the users are showing up properly as group members.

That's good.

I would try nevertheless and see if anything changes :slight_smile: