GSoC’18 Project Proposal: Integrate document scanner in Android app

The current ownCloud Android app has different options to upload files to an ownCloud server, such as selecting them from the internal storage, selecting content from other apps, uploading photos directly from the camera (work in progress).

It would be great to include a new option which enables the user to take a new picture with the camera and select the edges of handwritten notes or printed documents. After that, the image will be processed, adjusted to a better view and uploaded to a folder on the server.

It's not necessary to write the code of that from scratch, third-party libraries can be used with attributions if needed.


Hello, I would love to work on this project. Kindly help me how to get started.

I would like to work on this. Please help me to get started. I think that this can be an add-on to the feature on which I am working on (Uploading photos directly from the devices camera) PR.

Hi I would like to contribute to this project and bring more possible features - document scanner, QR code, business code scanning. I also would like to try any hybrid app solution for both android ios versions.

Hi @codedsun , @sd1998 and @roychowdhuryrohit, thank you very much for being interested in this project.

We have to wait a bit more in order to know if Google accepts us as a mentor organization, this announcement will take place in February 12th. One month later, in March 12th, the register will open and you can start to submit your applications. For more information about dates, please have a look at this link.

Could you give me more details about you? What is your experience in developing and which programming languages have you used?

Meanwhile, since @sd1998 has already started to contribute , @codedsun and @roychowdhuryrohit you can start by cloning our Android repository, please read this and trying to develop some of our issues labeled as _junior job_ or _contributions are welcome_ , or even include new ones if you have ideas about features not implemented yet.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask me, thank you


I am a CS undergrad and currently working as an Android developer in a startup. I am also enrolled to Google Android Developer Nanodegree.
I use mainly Java but want to shift towards Kotlin and Reactive programming ( RxKotlin ). I also want to try out different hybrid app frameworks like Flutter.
Past experiences include - C, Python ( Web ), JS.
I have built few client apps which uses Firebase and Google cloud as backend.

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I am a 3rd undergrad at Ghaziabad, India. I am a GCI mentor at FOSSASIA and have contributed to android projects under open source. My technology stacks consist of Java and I am learning Kotlin and RxJava.
I am looking to learn and build more apps using Android and learn various tools and concepts under it.
Have also contributed to open source android projects.
My previous experiences include Web applications and java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring.

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I am a 2nd year Computer Science and Engineering undergrad from Noida, India. I am an Android enthusiast. I mostly use Java and Python and am currently learning Kotlin. I have also worked with JS(for web development and mobile app development (react-native)) and C++. I have contributed to a couple of open source android projects. I have worked on android apps that use Firebase and MongoDB as backend.

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Thank you very much for all this information @codedsun , @sd1998 and @roychowdhuryrohit. Glad to hear your technology experience, is pretty full and varied.

See you in the Android repository while we wait for the Google announcement date :wink:


Hello! I am interested to work on this project too.

I am a CSE sophomore from BITS Pilani, India and a member of technical department there. Some of the apps on which I have worked are BOSM, Oasis. I have fully shifted to Kotlin and these two are written fully in Kotlin. Other technologies that I have used are Dagger2 for dependency injection, RxJava/RxAndroid/RxKotlin, Retrofit, Realm, newly released Architecture Components and various architectures such as MVP, MVVM, Clean etc.

Can you please help me to get started to work on existing project? Anything from which I can start contributing.

Thank You

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Hi @imvaibhav, thank you for your interest in this project, nice to see you have already worked in apps published in Play Store.

Regarding to start to contribute, you can clone our Android repository, please read this and try to develop some of our junior jobs or contributions are welcome issues. We are also opened to new features of course.

If you have any question, ping me here or in the Android repository (my username is @davigonz there)

@davigonz I want to work on this project and the document scanning idea is just awesome ,having features like somewhat google drive helps a lot

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Hi @jindalAnuj , glad to hear you are interested in this project. First, tell us more about your experience in programming languages and technologies in general.

As a first action I would suggest you to clone the ownCloud Android repository and have a look at the code, more information here. After that, you can start to develop some of our junior jobs or contributions are welcome issues.

If you have any question, ping me here or in the Android repository, where I use the same username.

Hello I also am looking forward for working in this project . Can you direct me for further proceedings? @davigonz Also, did the proposal for mentor organisation got accepted? I am from Kerala,India and I am a 2nd year Computer Science and Engineering Under Graduate . I am very much interested in Android and I mostly use Java and has contributed to some projects and is now learning python and Kotlin .