GSOC 2017 participation

I'm a third-year Computer Science and Engineering student from india. and I hereby express my willingness to contribute to on-going developments on your open source projects.
i have deep interest in automating Cloud Services using python and Artificial intelligence(AI) bot.recently i have automated several services such as SAAS,STASS ,IAAS etc.alongwith this i have good knowledge of C++,C and data structure and algorihtm.
Rahul kumar

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Hi @rahul

thanks for your interest in GSoC with us - do you have any specific project in mind you'd like to work on?

You can come up with your own idea or choose from the list we are compiling :

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Dear sir,
i have deep interest in cloud computing.i also have done some work in this field.sir earlier i have implemented various cloud services such as Software as a Service,Storage as a Service,Infrastructure as a Service etc.on system(computer,laptop).also made it platform independent that also work between two different operating system i.e, between redhat(linux) and window.
Now i want to make an app for mobile that will provide software as a service. we will make a server that give software as a service.such as it will provide browser,media player,calendar etc.suppose user does not have browser in his/her phone he just need to have this app.this app will allow the user to register and use the services provide by server.he/she does not need to install browser he will use the server browser.
if you want i will give you complete analysis and use case of this app.

Hi @rahul

your idea sounds interesting to me, but to be honest I still did not get the concept. If you could supply us with some more details - the mentioned analysis and use case - either here at central or by email pls feel free to do so.

best regards Stefan

Dear Sir,
During my Winter vacation i have learnt cloud computing mainly learnt how to implement various services as Amazon(Amazon web service) is providing such as Software as a Service ,Storage as a Service ,Infrastructure as a Service etc.
i have implemented this services for computers( making my laptop as a server and using my friends laptop as a client).
Now i decided why not implement these all service on mobile phone also.make a mobile phone as a server and other mobile phone as a basically i decided to implement Software as a Service for Mobile.
Scenario 1:- Suppose you have a mobile of limited ram capacity and you need a software that you don't have that so first you need to download that software if it's size is big then it is a overhead and then install it on your mobile phone but suppose your mobile does not have sufficient space so you cannot use that software and not able to do your task .
So my idea is why not we provide Software as a service for Mobile phone also.
We will make one robust server it has all software that one need. The user will access that software through proper authentication .These accessed software will be running on server mobile phone but user will use it as it is installed in their own user don't need any space he/she just need our app through which he/she will connect to our server through internet.
Scenario 2:- There is also several software that cost very high so everyone cannot buy that software because they need that software only for limited time or for limited they don't buy that software and not able to do their task. we will also provide that software as a service and will cost for it according to our policy just like Amazon web service are doing.
Scenario 3:- There are tons of game that need large space to install and run so many people not able to play that game.we will also provide that games as service so that they can play that games as just that game is installed in his/her mobile phone.
These all software will be installed on server mobiles and are consuming server resources but user will feel that these apps are installed on their smartphone and are running on their mobile phone and using their resources.
Just trying to merge Mobile computing with Cloud Computing as both fields always excite me.
Rahul kumar

Hi Rahul,

thanks for the details and the scenarios. To be honest: I don't see the use-case for ownCloud. As it is already a client-server structure supplying the (mobile) user with filestorage only.

May be my imagination is not strong enough
@DeepDiver1975 @PVince81 could you pls give me some add. feedback. thx

best regards Stefan

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Dear sir,
let me put a very simple scenario.Suppose there came a app in the market that is very useful.and let me limit ourselves to a small group just like a small company.and we all have to use this app.
so we just need to download this app and install it in our bare metal machine(mobile phone) but the size of app is too large so it will take lots of time to download and install.but let some people have downloaded this app but not able to install it due to limited size on their mobile phone.and if someone has install it he/she not able to run it because this app runs on higher version of they will not able to use this app.
so my idea is we will make a cloud and run this app on cloud and user will able to access and use this app as this app is installed in their system.
This type of service is already being used in case of desktop or laptop. Amazon web service is providing this features for computers.
but i want to implement this technology for mobile phone.
suppose your friend have one app that is not in your mobile phone so you don't need to install that app also in your mobile just simple access that app in your mobile friend and use it.
just like In case of computers we access software on other machine and use it our machine by using "SSH" protocol and "X-WINDOW FORWADING".
Rahul kumar

Dear sir,
if my idea is not feasible or don't have any use case.then,
i have interest in working on "Screenshot sharing service". i have read the document about it that is available on github.So will you please guide me on how to proceed further to become a part of GSOC 2017 under your mentorship.
Rahul kumar