GSoC 2017: Security App

I am Semih Serhat Karakaya a final year undergraduate student from Istanbul Technical University. I am working on University's IT Head Office as a software developer. I worked on the integration of OwnCloud into our systems, I had gained lots of experience while working on this integration. Moreover, I developed a filesystem application to use filesystem quota in owncloud. It basically listens post write hooks and giving ownership to user instead of apache. So, I have app development experience on owncloud. I have also some contributions and bug fixes on owncloud core.

I would like to participate GsoC 2017 with ownCloud and currently interested with Security app. I could not find detailed information about this project. Can you help me about the road map for this project? Where should I begin?

Best regards. Semih Serhat Karakaya.


Hi @karakayasemi

pls have a look at

for initial information. Will gladly answer your add. questions.

best regards Stefan

Thank you for your guidance @stk. By the way, first link seems broken.

sorry - it's an internal repo. Pls use instead

I started to develop somethings for twofactor_totp.
One of the enhancement belongs to this issue:

Can you please review?


I am trying to prepare GSoC 2017 project proposal for Security app. Can anyone help me about other topic details? I mentioned from twofactor authentication. But I am stuck on other topics.

Can you please shed light on what is meant by "File changes on core"?